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From Jarecsni János <>
Subject RE: mod_webapp contexts and virtual hosts
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:04:22 GMT

I've run into something similar, with mod_jk.
More below
Jarecsni, János
MORGAN HILL CONSULTING, Internet Applications Unit :: Phone+Fax: + 36 1 484 0392

|-----Original Message-----
|From: Szymon Stasik []
|Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 11:15 AM
|To: tomcat-dev
|Subject: mod_webapp contexts and virtual hosts
|Since I need to have applications available in root, I was trying confs
|like (I also have to use apache...):
|WebAppDeploy     app_1     conn  /app_1
|with some rewriting but then it seems to be some session/cookie issue :(

I've successfully set up a similar environment. I use Apache
mod_rewrite+mod_proxy to do the job. I also had to modify the code in mod_jk
since it sets the session cookie (JSESSIONID) with a path which is
equivalent with the application context name. That's why sessions don't

Since it's a very common set up I simply don't understand why it is
neglected by tomcat-developers. I've sent numerous mails to tomcat-dev, but
was ignored. Again: a transparent integration with Apache (with one vhost
per tomcat webapp approach) is not possible because of tomcat's incorrect
handling of the session cookie.

If you're interested in my solution I'll provide you with more details.


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