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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: [4.0.2] [4.1] [PROPOSAL] Binaries packaging
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 23:17:38 GMT
>> For the ZIP/TGZ packaging:
>> A) Full JDK 1.4: This includes everything, except the 
>libraries which are
>> already included in the JDK (including the JAXP XML parser).

I'd like to use Xerces 2.0, will it be in JDK 1.4 ?

>> B) Light JDK 1.4: This incluides a bare bones Tomcat 
>distribution which
>> would only run on JDK 1.4. Note: For Tomcat 4.0-HEAD (aka 
>4.1), this will
>> still includes the admin feature and the necessary JMX implementation
>> (OpenJMX, which has a very nice license).

What about jndi/javamail/jdbcext/jta/tyrex ? 

Did they are still mandatory to rebuild TC 4.0.2 ?

>> C) Light JDK 1.3: Essentially the same as B, with the 
>addition of an XML
>> parser.

Crimson ?

>> D) Full distrbution (same as right now).

Everything is included in binary like today ?

>I think B is ok, but we must at least try to deal with the
>common case where the user downloads/installs various
>binary packages.

A damn't problem. We (jpackage project) still wait a 
reply from Sun officials to know if we could provide
RPMs like jta, jndi, javamail, jdbc2ext in our distrib.
Nota that the debian-java guys have the same problems
which prevent them to package (yet) Tomcat 4.x

>Say /usr/lib/java, with each package beeing unziped there,
>similar with what is required for tomcat build. The same
> file could be 'reused' at runtime,
>by reading it from the shell script or starter and adding
>the classes to the loader.

The current consensus is to install the java API in
/usr/share/java/ dir, and it's used on debian and
jPackage project. Seems to meet the FHS requirement.

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