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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.3 and 4.x tuning via command line
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 17:11:15 GMT
>It appears, for example, that the only thing you can override about a
>connector is which port it's on.  What happens if you want to override,
>say, the maximum number of connections that your connector will accept
>(the "maxProcessors" parameter on Tomcat 4's HttpConnector)?

Right +1 for you here

>Wouldn't it be easier to build a launcher that wrapped the 
>(3.x) or Embedded (4.x) class instead, if you don't want to modify

May be, another approach could be server.xml generated dynamically
by launcher app and passed as parameter. 

>> If so I start to see where to do the modifications on TC 3.3,
>> some recommandations will be greatly usefull, but who could
>> the same for TC 4.0 ?

What do you think about that for TC 4.0 ?

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