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From "Kevin Seguin" <>
Subject RE: native connectors for iis and netscape/solaris available
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 00:59:13 GMT
> >> i've uploaded native jk1 connectors for iis and netscape/solaris.
> 1. How did you build it? There were files referenced by the 
> Visual Studio
> projects that were missing in the 
> When
> I tried to build it, I needed to add some files from the cvs. 
> You might want to
> make sure all the needed files are included. These files were 
> referenced in the
> project, but missing from the /native/common directory. They 
> do exist in the
> /native2/common directory but introduce other errors if you 
> use these versions.
> I had to use the versions from the Tomcat3.3a distribution.
> jk_registry.c
> jk_channel_socket.c
> jk_env.c

i used ant to build.  the visual studio files are apparently out of date. 

> 2. I downloaded the iisapi connector build and it seems to 
> work fine with 4.0.2
> with the exception of high priority Bug: 5647 (AJP13 
> connector will not pass
> authentication requests). 
> This bug is forcing me to disable the use of Realms in my 
> production application
> since I need the connector.
> Does anyone have an estimate on when this bug will be fixed? 
> It is a show
> stopper for me.

when i have time, i plan on looking into it some more.  can't give an estimate on that, though.
 of course, you're more than welcome to fix it and post a patch :)

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