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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.3 - Cactus Issue
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 19:30:19 GMT
> Vincent: is your test servlet reading the body i.e. calls
> getParameters() if it's a url-encoded body, or read
> the full stream ?
> If not, I believe the current behavior is correct and shouldn't
> be changed - it signals the CLIENT that whatever it posted
> was not read, and that's a very usefull information we shouldn't
> hide.
> If this is not the case, and the servlet has read the body -
> than it's a serious problem.

I looked for this and didn't find that there was any POST data
sent and none was read.  I certainly could have missed something.
I don't completely understand everything that Cactus' controller
servlet does on the Tomcat side.  However, I think I checked to
see what "is.available()" was reporting, in TcpConnector, and
believe it was zero during Windows runs which never failed for me.
If extra unread characters are present, this shouldn't be
zero if the test succeeds.  Or am I still missing something?
I'll try to check again.


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