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From "Bigwood, David" <>
Subject SessionListener sessionDestroyed() - session already invalidated - Tomcat 4.0.2
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 15:11:25 GMT

I am having issues getting useful functionality with code that
implements Servlet 2.3 HttpSessionListener. The code was intended to
provide some enhancements to a logging suite to carry out some tasks
BEFORE a session is actually destroyed.

My intention is to gather some interesting data about a visit for
tracking purposes, e.g.: page count, page history, session duration,
session create time, entry page, exit page, etc. (some of this data is
inserted during the session).

However, the existing sessionDestroyed method:

public void sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent hse) 

while allowing access to the current session ID via:


does not appear to allow access to any data that is/was stored in the
session and results in a message along the lines of:

"session already invalidated"

Having checked the code in
org/apache/catalina/session/, specifically the

public void expire(boolean notify)

the reason would appear to be because the session is marked as invalid:


BEFORE the call to the session destroyed event of each session listener:

if (notify) {
	fireSessionEvent(Session.SESSION_DESTROYED_EVENT, null);

My question is this:

Is there a specific reason why the session is invalidated BEFORE expire
calls the session listeners, or could we move the setValid(false) call

If there is no reason I will propose a patch to make it so.

Would be interested in your thoughts.

David Bigwood
VP Engineering, Metatomix
T: 781 895 4803
F: 781 487 7711
C: 781 983 1699

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