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From "Gunnar Wagenknecht" <>
Subject PageCaching Feature
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2002 13:45:39 GMT

I'm wondering if it is possible to implement a page chaching mechanisme
into the Tomcat Engine? Did anyone thought about this before? Where can
I find suitable development documents to evalutate the implementation of
such a functionality into the Tomcat Engine?

I currently evaluating and working on some proposals for an extensive
web application. To speed up performance and to reduce the load it would
be great to add a HTML comment tag (for example: <!-- PAGECACHE
created="date&timestamp" expires="hours:minutes" -->) to the HTML Output
Stream. It is not crucial whether this tag was inserted into a JSP or by
a Servlet. Tomcat than realizes that it should cache this result that
was returned by calling the specific URL and safes the complete HTML
output stream into a file on the disc.

Next time this URL is retrieved Tomcat first looks, if there is a cached
page available and if this page is not obsolete. If there is a valid
cached page, Tomcat doesn't need to call the WebApplication instead
Tomcat can return the result immediatly. Of curse the evalutation of the
URL is not simple because you have to look for URL path and parameter
and it should pe possible to tell the page caching mechanisme which URL
parameters a sensible and which it should ignor.

What do you guys think of this? I'm not an experienced developer that's
why I'm asking you where I can start. What do you expect about the
complexity (development/implementation time) of such a feature?

Until today I only saw solutions with an "adapter application" between
the webserver and the web applcation. But this adapter application has
to be developed for every webserver API which you want to support. But I
plan to access Tomcat directly and not over a web server.

Cu, Gunnar

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