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From Micael Padraig Og mac Grene <>
Subject Multiple URLs/Single IP
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2002 16:25:08 GMT
How can I map multiple URLs, e.g. and, which are 
pointed to a single IP address, e.g., to multiple web 
applications, e.g. webapps/aa and webapps/bb?  Many thanks for any help.  I 
have had a solution offered with a Layer-7 Switch and a squid proxy, but I 
would prefer either Apache or Tomcat solutions by far.  I see nothing in 
the documentation or in the lists.  I know how to do this with a context 
manager for JBoss and Tomcat 3.2.4, but I am moving to SOAP as my solution 
of choice with the Struts package.  Any help would be greatly 
appreciated.  Thanks, gents and ladies.

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