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From Jason Brittain <>
Subject Re: [4.0.3] [VOTES] Upcoming release and security fix
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 19:36:44 GMT

Hi Remy and gang..

Below is my non-binding vote (for fun!):

Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Since there are apparently diverging opinions on the subject (and also since
> I didn't get any +1s for a possible 4.0.3 b1, or a 4.0.2a release), here's a
> formal request for vote.
> On the security problem reported yesterday, affecting the security manager
> sandboxing. We should:
> <ballot>
> A [X] Make a full 4.0.3 (or 4.0.2a) release which would only include the
> security fix

This looks to me to be the path of least resistance/hassle for everyone
involved, since it's just a small change to the last release.  Release early,
release often.  :)

> B [ ] Make the security fix available as a binary patch for 4.0.2 (it would
> take the form of an archive to extract in $CATALINA_HOME, and would be
> *small*)

Binary patches make me nervous.  Whether this would work best or not
depends on a whole bunch of unspecified factors, so I won't vote for it.

> C [ ] Accelerate the release schedule of 4.0.3, which would include the
> security fix, as well as fixes for other issues with 4.0.2 (with Beta 1 on
> 03/01 and Final on 03/08)
> </ballot>

This one would be nice too, but it creates a bunch of extra work for you
it seems (which is my guess as to why you're not voting for it).

> Multiple votes are acceptable. If there are other interesting possibilities,
> let me know.
> My vote is 'B'.
> In parallel, I'd like to release a first beta of 4.0.3 on 03/01 (depending
> on the vote on item 'C' above, the release cycle may be shorter or longer):
> <ballot>
> +1 [ ] I support the release, and I will help
> +0 [X] I support the release, and I sure wish I had time to help!!
> -0 [ ] I don't support the release
> -1 [ ] I'm against the release because:

Jason Brittain
<jasonb (at) collab (dot) net>

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