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From Patrick Luby <>
Subject Re: [Daemon] New commons component
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 07:28:46 GMT

This is great news!

I scanned through the Unix code and noticed that it uses the chmod'ing
executables with setuid bits instead of performing a JNI call to the setuid()
and seteuid() C functions before and after binding of a ServerSocket (i.e. the
place you should need root access if you are binding to ports 1 through 1024).
This type of approach eliminates the need for a controller and slave process.

If there is interest out there, I can work up a proposal for implementing this
type of setuid functionality. I has been a year or two since I did my last JNI
coding, but I should be able to dig up some setuid code that I have done in the past.



Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Hi,
> I've added a new component to the commons subproject (in the sandbox), which
> is designed to allow Java programs to run as native operating system daemons
> (services under Windows NT).
> Because of its nature, this component contains a significant amount of
> native code.
> This component API and Unix code was developed by Pier Fumagalli as part of
> the Tomcat 4 project, but is fully generic and not tied in any way to
> Tomcat, so other server side applications may find it useful.
> The NT service code and related utilities were written by Jean-Frederic
> Clere.
> Thanks,
> Remy
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