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From "Christopher K. St. John" <>
Subject NanoCatalina
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 01:51:30 GMT

 I'd like to embed Catalina in a distributed tool that uses
servlets for its admin interface. I'm currently using a very
small hand-rolled 'container' that supports just enough of 
the servlet spec to handle my current crop of servlets.

 o.a.c.s.Embedded is a start, but it's a little heavy, both
in code size (lots of required jars) and resource usage (extra
threads, extra objects, etc)

 For example: HostConfig insists on creating an extra thread
to do reloadable webapps, even if no webapps are reloadable
and autoDeploy is false. Not really a big a deal, but that
sort of thing adds up.

 Before I start ripping things apart, I wanted to double
check that somebody else hadn't already done the work for
me. I googled around and found references to using Catalina
as the servlet engine for J2EE containers, etc., but that's
a slightly different thing.

 Does anyone have references to an existing 'NanoCatalina'?
Is anyone else interested in such a beast? I suspected it
might be a generally useful sort of thing to have around,
but I could be wrong...

Christopher St. John

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