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From "Christopher K. St. John" <>
Subject IOException, <error-page>, etc.
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 15:41:58 GMT

 Tomcat 4 will never match:

    <exception-type> </exception-type>
    <location> /ioexception.html </location>

 because all servlet-generated IOExceptions are silently
swallowed up by StandardWrapperValve before they get a
chance to be handled by the ErrorReportValve. (or the
ErrorReportValve, you don't even get the default stack
trace page)

 This strikes me as bad, but there are comments in the
StandardWrapperValve code that indicate it's intentional.

 I've searched fruitlessly (google, list archives, cvs
comments, etc) for any hints about why Tomcat would
want to do this. 

 Is is a bug or a feature? If it's a bug, I'll happily
submit a bugreport and patch. If it's a feature,  what's
the rationale?


Christopher St. John

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