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From "Hugh J. L." <>
Subject more information about bug 6704 (rmi in jsp)
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 02:52:26 GMT
servlet log: empty
jasper log:
2002-02-27 15:23:08 - JspFactoryImpl: Exception
initializing page context - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
	<<no stack trace available>>
this appears once just before the port becomes not

testing with web stress tool with single thread,
processing becomes slow and pauses for short interval
during the last several seconds before the port gets

after this problem occures, it takes longer time to
stop tomcat. it pauses for dozens of seconds at the
step of "Stop Reaper".

the more vm memory is, the later this problem occures.
but in the same environment (machine, memory, vm
memory), the number of requests processed before port
gets down is almost the same each time. for example,
around 95,000 on my w2k and 7,000 on an old aix.

the same servlet runs well after 4 million requests on
both w2k and aix.

when we configure tomcat3.3 to use two ports and two
contexts pointing to the same docbase, and test only
one port, we can access the jsp through the other port
after the first port gets down.

common jsps (not rmi client) run well on our machines,
tested with tens of millions requests.

i believe our simple rmi testing code is reliable,
because servlet with the same rmi code runs well.

sorry i didn't try servlet mapping, because jasper log
shows that it is a jsp problem.

many thanks.

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