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From Christopher K.St.John <>
Subject o.a.c.Context.*RoleMapping() ?
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 20:01:13 GMT

  I can't find anyplace that that these routines from Context
are used:

   public void addRoleMapping(String role, String link)
   public String findRoleMapping(String role)
   public void removeRoleMapping(String role)

 A grep through the dev archives shows that they used to be
used in HttpRequestBase.isUserInRole(), but were removed and
replaced with some similiar code that uses the Conext
SecurityRole routines instead (see below for cvs notification). 
I get the  <security-role-ref>/*SecurityRole() thing.

 Are the *RoleMapping() methods still used? If so, any hints
as to how and where? 


craigmcc    01/03/26 12:02:17

  Modified:    catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/connector
  Correct the implementation of HttpServletRequest.isUserInRole() so that it
  properly respects role name aliases defined with <security-role-ref>.
  PR: Bugzilla #1086
  Submitted by:

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