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From Christopher K.St.John <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] MinimalTomcat, Coupling, Bugs 6669, 6670
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 01:30:44 GMT
Aaron Smuts wrote:
> What I'd like would be a Jakarta version of something small
> and simple like the oldest available Jetty version.

 I'll take a look.

> Sounds like you'll have trouble when the parent package
> changes.  You need something new and separate.

 Well, the org.apache.catalina package is fairly clean,
and gives the impression that it will stay that way. It
does depend on o.a.c.deploy, but those are mostly little
struct-like utility classes for use during Digestion.

 It's classes like StandardWrapper that worry me. It
comes very close to being generic, but has a hardcoded
cast of its Context to StandardContext. It looks an 
awful lot like the cast was introduced during the 
addition of Filters in order to avoid an api change
to the Context interface. Coupling StandardWrapper to
StandardContext isn't necessarily unreasonable,
especially if StandardWrapper was never meant to be
used outside the whole StandardEngine/Host/Context/Wrapper
setup, but it does signal that the Catalina core 
classes are not meant to be used outside the normal
Catalina channels.

 I'm worried that the same sort of thing will happen
with, for example, the realm and authorization packages.
If it does, there's really no point in having MinimalTomcat
use any of the Catalina classes at all except through cut
and paste. 

 Can one of the Catalina architects (Craig?) comment?
Is it reasonable to try to use Catalina as a framework
like that? Or am I swimming against the tide?

 In any case, tomorrow I'll whip up a sourceball of the
current MinimalTomcat code and stick it out on the net

Christopher St. John

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