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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 13:12:30 GMT
larryi      02/02/08 05:12:30

  Modified:    .        RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt
  Document the hopefully final change to the "delay" attribute for
  Http10Interceptor.  Note the new support for shutdown via Ajp13.
  Also, note the configurable limit on flushing unread POST data.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.33      +14 -8     jakarta-tomcat/RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt
  Index: RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-tomcat/RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.32
  retrieving revision 1.33
  diff -u -r1.32 -r1.33
  --- RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt	5 Feb 2002 03:56:55 -0000	1.32
  +++ RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt	8 Feb 2002 13:12:30 -0000	1.33
  @@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
                                    Release Notes
  -$Id: RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt,v 1.32 2002/02/05 03:56:55 billbarker Exp $
  +$Id: RELEASE-NOTES-3.3.1.txt,v 1.33 2002/02/08 13:12:30 larryi Exp $
   This document describes the changes that have been made since the
  @@ -85,12 +85,12 @@
            the locale and character set encoding of the directory listings
            are derived.
  -         Added a delaySocketClose attribute to Http10Interceptor.  The
  -         default is false.  If set true, a Thread.sleep(0) is executed
  -         before the socket is closed.  This was needed by Cactus when
  -         run on a high powered Windows XP box.  The sleep(0) helps ensure
  -         the test get a chance to receive its input before the socket
  -         is closed.  Otherwise, "Socket reset by peer" errors occur.
  +         Added a socketCloseDelay attribute to Http10Interceptor.  The
  +         default is -1, which disables the delay.  If set > 0, a
  +         Thread.sleep(<delay>) is executed prior to reading and discarding
  +         unread input and closing the socket.  This is intended to
  +         help diagnose problems resulting from unread input that
  +         arrives during the closing of the socket.
   	 Make the App-classloader configurable to allow using the 1.1
   	 loader even when running under Java2.  This should allow for better
  @@ -130,6 +130,11 @@
            when the StaticInterceptor module redirects a "directory" URL that
            doesn't end with a '/' and redirects to welcome files.
  +         Added shutdown support using Ajp13 and updated StopTomcat task
  +         to support automatic or explicit use of Ajp12 or Ajp13 protocol to
  +         shutdown Tomcat.  This includes use of an optional "secret" password
  +         with either protocol.
  @@ -223,7 +228,8 @@
   5983	 Fix the flushing of unread POST data on the HTTP connector.  On the
   	 reported bug, it was mostly a nuisance.  In other cases (see 6143)
  -	 it was causing major problems.
  +	 it was causing major problems.  To avoid DOS attacks, the number
  +         of flush attempts is configurable, with a default of 20.
   6234	 Recycle the Writer in the ResponseFacade if it is the error state when
   	 the facade is recycled.

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