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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/coyote/src/java/org/apache/coyote/tomcat4
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 19:46:03 GMT
Did I actually reply to this before ?
I can't remember, so in case I didn't ...

> Actually, I was hoping to find time to get started on this once 3.3.1 is
> the door (and hopefully things slow down a bit).
> I'm a bit behind on Remy's recent work, but I'm pretty sure that it
> Java2.

No, I don't think so. The HTTP/1.1 stack should work with 1.1 (I can't find
any Java2 code in there).

Also, the HTTP stack is just the stack. It doesn't include the thread
pooling code, or the network handling code.
The Catalina adatpter, and the Catalina connector both require Java2, OTOH.

> Hi Remy,
> Do you think coyote could be ever used with Tomcat 3.3 ?
> ie: works with JDK 1.1, support TC 3.3 via modules....

Since Coyote = more or less 1/2 of the Tomcat 3.3 core (according to
Costin's definition of the TC 3.3 core), it should be easier to adapt.

Note: I got complaints from Costin about the request and response objects.
Well, this is only the first version, and I had limited objectives (which
were: write a HTTP/1.1 stack on top of it + an adapter for TC 4, while
trying to keep things fairly generic). Coyote 2 can use different
request/response objects.

> JK/JK2 are available for both TC 3.3/4.x, it could be fine to
> have also a common HTTP connector for them and coyote seems
> to be the perfect candidate :)

I think the new HTTP stack is fast (but I don't have profiling data to back
this up at the moment). I'll do lots of profiling when the adapter for TC 4
is working.
It could be worthwhile to port JK 2 to Coyote (2 ?), since the TC 4 adapter
will likely be a lot faster than using the o.a.c.connector package. There's
obviously no hurry, as it's working fine already.


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