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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject [4.0.2] [4.1] [PROPOSAL] Binaries packaging
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 21:56:24 GMT

Many people have expressed the idea that they'd like to see binary
distributions of Tomcat which would either be smaller in size, or without a
lot of extra optional libraries. That idea is quite interesting IMO,
especially with the upcoming release of JDK 1.4, which integrates a lot of
the libraries needed to run Tomcat and could allow us to distribute a
"light" version.

There are TONS of different packaging scenarios, so I'll put a few of them
for a vote.

For the ZIP/TGZ packaging:

A) Full JDK 1.4: This includes everything, except the libraries which are
already included in the JDK (including the JAXP XML parser).
B) Light JDK 1.4: This incluides a bare bones Tomcat distribution which
would only run on JDK 1.4. Note: For Tomcat 4.0-HEAD (aka 4.1), this will
still includes the admin feature and the necessary JMX implementation
(OpenJMX, which has a very nice license).
C) Light JDK 1.3: Essentially the same as B, with the addition of an XML
D) Full distrbution (same as right now).

Here, I'd be in favor of doing B) and D). I'm not in favor of doing the
things in between, but maybe there are a lot of fans of A) or C).
Keeping D looks like an obligation.

For the installer distribution:

A) Light JDK 1.4 (see above).
B) Full distribution (same as right now).

Here, I would be in favor of dong both, unless someone has a big problem
with that. I'm not putting it up for a vote, but it doens't mean comments
are not allowed :)

I will take care of the modification of the build scripts after the results
of the vote are compiled, and I plan to release 4.0.2 with these additional
packagings. The README in the binary download pages will describe what is in
each archive.

ZIP/TGZ packaging:
[ ] Do A
[ ] Do B
[ ] Do C

(So here, I'll vote +1 for B, and 0 for A and C)


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