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From <>
Subject RE: [4.0.2] Bug list
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 02:34:31 GMT
On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Kevin Seguin wrote:

> 5647 has a patch associated with it that looks pretty good.
> i'm not even sure i understand 5483 yet :)

There are 2 issues:
- extracting the language from the Accept-Language: header.
That should be implemented in tomcat ( and the servlet container ) -
as with the charset detection, that's at a higher level than the

- serving the 'right' page based on the accept-language header.
I believe there is a patch for 3.x, not sure if it was ever ported.
In the context of Apache+tomcat, all static files will support
the language header, using the apache convention and settings.
I'm not sure this is the same as the standalone impl ( apache
is based on extensions, index.html.en, while in 3.x it's based
on dirs en/index.html - but I haven't checked ).
Regadless of what's happening for static pages, there is no
rule defined for jsps AFAIK, the jsp itself should use one of the
existing taglibs or whatever to get the right language.

A workaround - for jsps - is to use the header directly. For static
files apache should deal with that without problems.

A bigger problem, which is not easy to fix in jk1.x, is charset
detection and setting, especially for the jni connector. That's going
to improve a lot in jk2 and o.a.jk, almost the same code used
for 3.3 will be used there too.

I would mark this bug as LATER for now.


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