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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject Major problem with Sun External Jar : RE: [Tomcat 4.0.2-b2] Java binaries uploaded
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 16:04:36 GMT
>> I've got a little problems with all the jars that are
>> mandatory to build TC 4.0, javamail, jta, jdbc-ext, jmxri.
>> tyrex is allready packaged and JSSE is only optional.
>> Could someone, may be from Sun staff, could release all of
>> them in a single tarball and put it on the download area ?
>This isn't allowed under the license through which these JARs are
>downloaded.  You can package them with your own distribution 
>(as we do in
>the .tar.gz and .exe distros of Tomcat 4), but not separately.

I'd like to clarify. I could have activation, javamail, jdbc-ext, 
jndi, jta, which are Sun products, included in a Tomcat tarball
but couldn't have them included in a separate tarball ?

Thanks to explain us why ?

I allready removed the problematic stuff from jpackage project 
but I'd like to have a simple explanation of what to do with
Sun jars.

The question is, should Apache host projects which depend
on non OSS APIs which are entirely under Sun control (Jon/Pier ?)

We should feel much more confortable with projects like
puretls/cryptix and openjmx. Hope to see an OSS alternative
to javamail and jta....

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