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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: IPv6 question
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 15:06:22 GMT
>I saw last e-mails concerning IPv6 and Tomcat in this place in 
>March. So 
>is it all clear?
>I have installed Tomcat 4.0.1 on RedHat (kernel 2.4.14) and tried to
>connect to Tomcat using IPv6. Unfortunately, I got the 400 HTTP error
>Bad Request returned by Tomcat. 
>The form of URL wan analogous to the one I used in IPv4 communication:
>http://address:8080/test/appl where address is the IPv6 
>address enclosed
>in [].
>JAVA_HOME variable points to my JDK1.4 beta location.

Very interesting since there is not much works today on IPv6
in Tomcat and there is many parts in the code where 32 bits IP
address are assumed.

And as usually only test on IPv6 networks will make code more
carefull about 32/48bits

>On the standard 80 HTTP port runs Apache server which correctly accepts
>IPv6 requests.

Another reason to use connectors like mod_webapp or mod_jk

Could you check these one ?

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