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From Jon Scott Stevens <>
Subject [PATCH] Improving BindException error reporting
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:27:00 GMT
Someone on the Scarab list just reported a problem with getting a
BindException. It would be easier to debug the problem for the user if the
exception that they sent me showed the port number that the server was
trying to bind to at the time of the exception. That way, I can tell if it
was the shutdown port or the running port.

This is a little patch that should improve BindException error reporting. It
is against the 4.0.x branch. I'm not sure that I did it 100% right so I'm
submitting here in the hopes that someone (Craig? Remy?) will either approve
it or fix it and apply it. When you see it, I think that you will get what
I'm trying to do. Also, I'm not sure if this patch covers the shutdown port
#...if it doesn't that would be another good place to apply it to as well.



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