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From "Pickering, Matthew D" <>
Subject JDBC servlet clustering support
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:56:35 GMT

I posted some questions some time back about support for persistent sessions
using JDBC.  I have glanced through the code and by the looks of it, this
code is still classed as experimental and may not even be functional.  

We having been using Tomcat 4.0 in my company quietly for the past several
months and have been slowly migrating its use into the real world.  We are
presently building some of our Intranet applications on Tomcat 4.x and are
looking at Tomcat 4.x as a long term replacement for BEA Weblogic.

The main limiter in use doing this is the lack of the servlet clustering
that Weblogic supports but Tomcat does not support yet or very well.  With
this support, we can begin migrating some of our big customer facing web
applications off Weblogic and onto Tomcat 4.x and start using it as a common
standard for all of our Java-based web applications.  The cost savings alone
for us are substantial.

For what it is worth at this time, I just received permission to develop the
JDBC session support in Tomcat to production grade for use in our enterprise
on paid company time and to make this code available in the Tomcat code tree
under the terms of Tomcat's license (open and free).  This capability, in my
opinion, will let Tomcat go toe-to-toe with Weblogic for a lot of
applications and help to push Tomcat further into corporate networks.

I will be working on this starting in mid-March and I have a open slate to
take all the time I need to make it happen.  I will be looking for help,
support, advice, etc from the Tomcat developers to do whatever it takes to
develop and document this feature to the point it will be production grade
for a future Tomcat release.

Just thought I would let the Tomcat development group know what was
transpiring in one company and let them know that some good is going to come
of this.  I have left my contact information in this e-mail to let everyone
know this is for real.

Any comments or feedback is appreciated.

Matt Pickering
Senior Software Developer
XO Communications, Reston, VA

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