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From Anton Brazhnyk <>
Subject Client closes connection
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 15:31:51 GMT

It seems there is no way to get notified about clients connection closing 
(e.g. 'Stop' button in browser is pressed). Frankly, I was very surprised
when I couldn't have found any single word in Servlet 2.3 Spec regarding
such situation. I've looked through RFC 2616 and (after dozen tries :) ) 

8.1.4 Practical Considerations

When a client or server wishes to time-out it SHOULD issue a graceful close 
on the transport connection. Clients and servers SHOULD both constantly watch 
for the other side of the transport close, and respond to it as appropriate.
If a client or server does not detect the other side?s close promptly it could 
cause unnecessary resource drain on the network.

I would say "it could cause unnecessary resource drain" on the server as well.
Is there chances we'll be able to found something like "ConnectionEventListener"
in future specs and (much sooner I hope) in Tomcat?

P.S. I'll be very glad if I am wrong and just miss something obvious.

P.P.S I'll be happy if somebody tells me if and where I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance.
Anton Brazhnyk

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