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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: TC 3.3.3 with Apache stack space error
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 22:23:55 GMT
Ray Pitmon wrote:

> Originally sent to tomcat-user, but here may be a better place for this.
> Why do I have to start java with -Xms400m -Xmx500m to get it to compile
> JSP pages?
> (see below for a better description of the problem)
> Ok, that works.  I tried all sorts of different values less than that,
> but -Xms needed to be 400 to get it to work.
> That doesn't make alot of sense to me.  
> My tomcat is using 32 megs of RAM now.
> Why in the world would I have to specify that it use 400-500 megs?
> Is this a bug?

Not sure, but it's really interesting given that I'm just putting 
finishing touches on a new server running RH 7.2, IBM JDK 1.3.0, TC 3.3 
from CVS, mod_jk 1.2.0 from CVS and Apache 1.3.22. I always compile 
Tomcat, mod_jk and Apache myself, so that might make a bit of a 
difference, but I'll let you know if the combo works with JSP's (a few 
leftovers from before I switched to Velocity :-)

I use jikes 1.15 to compile the pages. How about you?

Will keep you posted after I test some more...


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