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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat RELEASE-PLAN-3.3.1.txt
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 21:39:37 GMT
larryi      02/01/21 13:39:37

  Added:       .        RELEASE-PLAN-3.3.1.txt
  Proposed Tomcat 3.3.1 release plan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-tomcat/RELEASE-PLAN-3.3.1.txt
  Index: RELEASE-PLAN-3.3.1.txt
  NOTE: This document is a draft of a release plan for the next
  dot release of Tomcat. Nothing in this document should be
  considered authoritative until it has been discussed and approved
  on the TOMCAT-DEV mailing list.
  			Tomcat 3.3.1 Release Plan 
      The objective of the proposed 3.3.1 release is to provide a bug fix
      update to Tomcat 3.3. 
  Tomcat 3.3.1 Beta 1 Release:
  	Code Freeze/Tag Date:	Jan 27, 2002
  	Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs
          Prior to this release, the following issues need to be
  	Issue  Description 
          1      Must be able to compile and run under JDK 1.1.8
          2      Address Cactus failures running with Tomcat 3.3
          Bugs to investigate & fix or resolve/leave as LATER:
          1657  hyphen character '-' in tag name results in "Invalid expression"
                (port fix from Tomcat 4.x Jasper)
          3644  Errors reloading resources from jars: possible JDK bug
                (see if recent changes address this)
          4382  Starting up twice prevents stopping
                (implement suggested fix)
          4600  Tomcat 3.3 redirect behavior differs from Tomcat 3.2
                (try to make 301 or 302 configurable)
          4416  URI En/Decoding not working
                (investigate and fix if feasible)
          4923  getRealPath().exists() yields security exception
                (investigate and fix if feasible)
          5250  Load balancing workers do not correctly handle Cookies
                conformant with RFC 2965
                (investigate and fix if feasible)
          5684  WEB-INF/lib jar file loading and operations problems.
                (see if recent changes address this)
          5722  Forward to a page that have no extension displays a blank page
                (try to fix to do something better than display a blank page)
  Tomcat 3.3.1 Release Candidate 1 Release:
  	Code Freeze/Tag Date:	Feb 2, 2002
  	Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs
          Only safe fixes or documentation updates allowed prior to
          final release, including:
  	Item  Description 
          1      Update build.xml to work with Ant 1.4 with no warnings, i.e.
                 require Ant 1.4.
          2      Document special handling of '_' and '.' by AutoWebApp.
                 Make special characters configurable.
          Bugs to fix:
          5532  underscore is wrong (fixed by item 2 above)
          4206  missing config files do not cause an error
                (add error or warning messages)
          5769  NT Service display name should not be used as service name
                (determine solution and patch)
          4364  build-solaris for Apache connector does not compile with -DE
                (do what we can to review and update the connector make files)
  Tomcat 3.3.1 Final Release:
  	Code Freeze/Tag Date:	Feb 9, 2002
  	Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs
          The current jakarta-tomcat HEAD will be built and released
          as Tomcat 3.3.1 Final
  The following bugs will be updated with the following resolution:
  Bug   Resolution  From   Description
  2202  WORKSFORME  REMIND sendRedirect with enctype="Multipart/form-data" does not
  3168  WONTFIX     LATER  Reloading JSP Pages with includes in it
  3290  INVALID     LATER  Sessions not sharing properly (lack of test case)
  3333  WORKSFORME  LATER  request.getParameter("action") return only static page
  4426  WONTFIX     NEW    DB polling
  5246  WONTFIX     NEW    illegal tag at jsp:plugin
  5411  INVALID     NEW    JSP session does not work with IE/IIS5/Tomcat 3.3
  5449  WORKSFORME  NEW    ajp13 and security constraints don't work
  5560  INVALID     NEW    Removal of unnecessary white space in output
  The following bugs will be left with their current resolution:
  Bug   Resolution  Description
  2700  LATER       New setStatusLine method?
  3032  LATER       Cannot recover key Exception while using trust keystore with
                    multiple keys
  3298  LATER       IIS-Redirector fails to read from client
  3309  LATER       Cannot use pre-compiled jsp as welcome page
  3798  LATER       Service Manager for Tomcat

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