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From Jun Inamori <>
Subject Re: I have created a JSP page that drops tomcat: I think it's a JVM i ssue
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 04:04:28 GMT

> > Here is what the log says.
> > 
> > SIGSEGV 11 (*) segmentation violation
> >         stackpointer=0xb8dc1cf4
> > Writing java dump to javacore1258.1011100252.txt...  OK
> > SIGABRT 6 (*) abort process
> >         stackpointer=0xb8dc1998
> > 
> > I am running IBM JVM for Linux.

--- Snip ---

> JVM for sure. Are you running the latest JDK from IBM?

Which Linux do you use?

I'm not sure about the URL, but some documentation from IBM says:
IBM's JVM gets segmentation falt on RedHat 7.0.
The solution is

In addition, I found:
which describes the issue on RedHat 7.0.
It says:
glibc-2.2.x included in RedHat7.0 and SuSe7.2 has problem in handling the initial thread stack
size larger than 6M.
And this can causes the segmentation falt.
To prevent this, we need to limit the initail thread stack trase to 2M, either by:
   (in case of bash)	 ulimit -s 2048
   (in case of tcsh)	 limit stacksize 2048

Best regards,

Happy Java programming!

Jun Inamori

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