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From Armijn Hemel <>
Subject Re: shell connector
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 14:05:12 GMT
On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 11:08:00AM -0800, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> > I'm working on a webapp, for which I want to build (eventually) some shell
> > access for administration purposes. I want administrators to be able to
> > log into the application and perform maintenance through a UNIX like shell.
> > I was thinking about writing this in Jython, but I wonder how I can do this
> > best. Does this involve writing a new connector and if so, is it the best
> > thing to do (and do others need it as well)?
> >
> What's wrong with just using telnet or ssh, and running command line apps
> that update the *data* that underlies your web application?  I don't see
> any reason that all data updates need to be made through Tomcat.

Well, I prefer updates to be mode through one program for consistency.
If anything changes, it's easier to maintain/update one application, than

I'll give a small example of a use I see. To manage servlerts in my Tomcat
instance I don't want to use the web (I'm a console guy and lynx is not my
favourite webbrowser). I'd rather use a shell like tool to control the server.
As in, use ls (or dir, whatever you prefer) to see all webapps and use small
commands like `stop <webapp>'.

So, even though I appreciate your answers and suggestions (I am a stubborn
guy by nature :) I want to write it. I don't think I want to use HTTP as
the underlying protocol (and no one said servlets should use HTTP).
I'll flesh out the idea a bit more, see what's on the market (maybe JMX).

Thanks so far :)


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