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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: [4.0.2] Bug list
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:15:54 GMT
> On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Kevin Seguin wrote:
> > 5647 has a patch associated with it that looks pretty good.
> >
> > i'm not even sure i understand 5483 yet :)
> There are 2 issues:
> - extracting the language from the Accept-Language: header.
> That should be implemented in tomcat ( and the servlet container ) -
> as with the charset detection, that's at a higher level than the
> connector.
> - serving the 'right' page based on the accept-language header.
> I believe there is a patch for 3.x, not sure if it was ever ported.
> In the context of Apache+tomcat, all static files will support
> the language header, using the apache convention and settings.
> I'm not sure this is the same as the standalone impl ( apache
> is based on extensions, index.html.en, while in 3.x it's based
> on dirs en/index.html - but I haven't checked ).
> Regadless of what's happening for static pages, there is no
> rule defined for jsps AFAIK, the jsp itself should use one of the
> existing taglibs or whatever to get the right language.
> A workaround - for jsps - is to use the header directly. For static
> files apache should deal with that without problems.
> A bigger problem, which is not easy to fix in jk1.x, is charset
> detection and setting, especially for the jni connector. That's going
> to improve a lot in jk2 and o.a.jk, almost the same code used
> for 3.3 will be used there too.
> I would mark this bug as LATER for now.

Ok, thanks for the detailed explanation. I'll post it in bugzilla, and mark
the bug as LATER.


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