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From "Attila Szegedi" <>
Subject Re: nbio connector
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 14:17:56 GMT
Well I didn't want to bring this to the sunlight so soon but since you brought up the issue:
I'm developing a generic non-blocking server framework for JDK 1.4.

It handles all subtleties of the non-blocking server's life, such as non-blocking pipes for
servlet output buffering, thread scaling (since a single selector handles at most 63 channels,
you still need multiple threads), channel registration from a different thread than the thread
that listens to the selector via a mechanism similar to Swing's invokeAndWait(), etc, etc.
Using this framework, all you need to do is implement a single ProtocolHandler interface and
focus your attention on the protocol implementation and not on the details of non-blocking

The initial code is practically done, there is only one JUnit test left to pass. I've created
a project for it on SourceForge ( *today* (see, it's
really fresh) and will upload the code there soon. The project is pretty much empty now, but
I'll populate the CVS and the introductory website in the following days. It will be distributed
under Apache-style license.

My primary goal for bringing the code in the public is that I want to build a HTTP/1.1 connector
for Tomcat 4.0 based on it, and could use a helping hand here and there. In fact, I already
have much of the code for building the HttpServletRequest object, but to keep it really elegant
I'll need some help from the Tomcat community. Most notably, much of the code duplications
could go away if Catalina code in org.apache.catalina.connectors.http was more reusable (some
classes are package-private and some public classes take package-private classes in a constructor
argument etc.). I'll return to these issues on this list after I've properly set up the project
on SourceForge.

I wanted to keep the whole project out of the spotlight until it's up and running, but since
you mentioned the issue, I thought you should know about similar efforts. Maybe you will want
to take a look at it; I can notify you when the SourceForge project site is ready.


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From: "Mauricio Nuñez" <>
To: <>
Sent: 2002. január 8. 0:27
Subject: nbio connector

> Hi everybody!
> I'm using Tomcat 3.3  and Apache on Linux, and i want to develop a connector 
> based on nbio (
> My focus is get a multiplex connector based on few threads waiting 
> connections, reducing the overhead on my server.
> Firstly, i will port the ajp13 interceptor, based on only 2 threads (i guess)
> The next step will be to migrate to java.nio, when Sun release a stable 
> jdk1.4.
> Any comment? 
> Can i submit my code here?
> I need to get a stable and scalable Tomcat on Linux. This work try to get 
> that.
> Bye
> Mauricio Nuñez
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