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From "Attila Szegedi" <>
Subject Re: KPMG-2002003: Bea Weblogic DOS-device Denial of Service
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 11:11:15 GMT
Why not just use defaults, and provide a way for an administrator to configure additional reserved
filenames. The administrator *SHOULD* know if there are additional dos devices defined on
the system...


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From: "Jim Seach" <>
To: "Tomcat Developers List" <>
Sent: 2002. január 9. 6:30
Subject: RE: KPMG-2002003: Bea Weblogic DOS-device Denial of Service

> There is one, but it would be better if we didn't have to use native
> code.
> Platform SDK: File Storage 
> QueryDosDevice
> The QueryDosDevice function retrieves information about MS-DOS device
> names. The function can obtain the current mapping for a particular
> MS-DOS device name. The function can also obtain a list of all existing
> MS-DOS device names. 
> MS-DOS device names are stored as symbolic links in the object name
> space. The code that converts an MS-DOS path into a corresponding path
> uses these symbolic links to map MS-DOS devices and drive letters. The
> QueryDosDevice function enables an application to query the names of
> the symbolic links used to implement the MS-DOS device namespace as
> well as the value of each specific symbolic link. 
> DWORD QueryDosDevice(
>   LPCTSTR lpDeviceName, // MS-DOS device name string
>   LPTSTR lpTargetPath,  // query results buffer
>   DWORD ucchMax         // maximum size of buffer
> );

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