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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject [4.0.2] Bug list
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 20:43:25 GMT

I've just committed a text file in the 4.0 branch listing the bugs that
should be addressed before 4.0.2 Final is released.

I'll cut & paste it here, for people who may not want to check out the


Tomcat 4.0.2 Final bug status

This document lists bug that should be addressed before 4.0.2 Final is
released. None of these bugs are regression problems, so it should be
acceptable to delay their resolution.

5647    jk         AJP13 connector will not pass authentication requests
4793    webapp     mod_webapp connector doesn´t work
4930    webapp Type code out of range,
                   is 0 with Apache WebApp module
5040    webaap     EOFException when talking from applet to servlet
                   via mod_webapp
5201    catalina   Persistent sessions & EJB Statefull
5402    webapp     WarpConnection raise IOException
5483    jk         I18N fails using AJP 1.3 with Tomcat 4.01
                   final / Apache 1.3.22
5644    jasper     JspC produces badly formed classnames if first char
                   is a digit
5735    catalina   HTTP connector running out of processors under heavy load
5752    docs       Documentation: Resources link invalid on page
5760    docs       Doc-bug: Inexact documented jars in "Class Loader INFO"
5795    catalina   Catalina Shutdown relies on localhost causing problems
                   in a Clustered Solaris environment
5820    docs       Undocumented restriction on inoking manager webapp
5827    catalina   DataInputStream.readInt returns wrong values
5899    servlets   HTTP POST parameters ignored in
5905    jasper     JSP Document not correctly processed
6036    webapp     Problems with URI mapping
3509    webapp     Apache 1.3.20 & mod_webapp & Tomcat 4b7 HANGS under Win
5704    servlets   CgiServlet corrupting images?
4518    jasper     load-on-startup is not working with jsp page
5759    servlets   CGI servlet mapping by extension *.cgi does not work
5988    jasper     Jasper Null Pointer Exception Error

FIXED? - 5330    catalina   JNDI ENC context problem
LATER - 5396    installer  Tomcat start shortcut fails when HTTPS is set
FIXED - 5876    catalina   HttpResponseBase broken
FIXED - 5908    catalina   java.lang.IllegalStateException: zip file closed

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