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From "Mike Anderson" <>
Subject RE: JK versions
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 21:38:39 GMT

>>> 12/03/01 01:53PM >>>
On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 wrote:

>> On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, GOMEZ Henri wrote:
>> > Ok, let's release mod_jk to 1.2 and start 2.0.
>> For 1.2 we have 2 choices:
>> - Branch it at Nov 15 ( or around ), i.e. before jk_channel and the
>> stuff ( that will be part of jk2.0 ) was added.
>After reading the commit log - most changes related to jk_channel,
>jk_registry, etc are pretty safe ( as they don't change any logic ).
>We could actually release Jk1.2 using the main tree - if everyone is
>comfortable with that. If not - Oct21 is probably a good point to
>( the release date for 3.3 ).

I'm afraid that we need to go back to an earlier date and re-port some
The main reason is because the default 3.3 still 
reference ajp12 which the current codebase no longer supports.  This 
causes the plugins to fail during initialization since the 
ajp12_worker_factory isn't even in the main tree.

Either that, or we add ajp12 support back in long enough to do a 
release.  I'll be happy to help either way.

>There are few fixes for ebcdic support and few small things that
>have to be re-applied.

Mike Anderson

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