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From <>
Subject RE: Connector compatibility between TC 4.0 and 4.1
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 16:45:11 GMT
On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Kevin Seguin wrote:

> perhaps now is the time to do some rethinking of where the connectors for
> each serlvet container live.
> today, in j-t-c, there is the framework (for lack of a better word) for
> connectors plus the individual connectors or adapters for tomcat 3 and
> tomcat 4.
> personally, i think it would be better to have the individual
> connectors/adapters live with the servlet container itself.  i.e. put the
> ajp13 connector for tomcat 4 in the jakarta-tomcat-4.0 source tree.  this
> way, j-t-c can build without having dependencies on any servlet containers,
> and servlet containers that want to provide connectors that make use of
> j-t-c can (optionally) depend on j-t-c.

My thinking ( for 4.1/3.3 ) was to have j-t-c built as a
'standalone module', a trusted/priviledged webapp that can be deployed and
is self-contained.

Keeping all container adapters in j-t-c has the extra benefit that we can
share more code among them. And the build changes I'm trying to make
should simplify building for all or just individual containers.

For the current release - I don't think we should move the code.
For jk2 - I also think we should wait until it's in a more concrete shape.


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