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From <>
Subject RE: JK2: Configuration(1)
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 14:34:48 GMT
On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, GOMEZ Henri wrote:

> Caution, caution with security.
> On many sites, the web-server is located on a DMZ so subject
> to be hacked, while the Tomcats are behind firewall. Having
> webapp (program) could raise many problems.

Hmm... I hope sandboxing is used for tomcat in this case...

> INTERNET ---> FW ---> APACHE HTTP -> FW (only ajp13) -> TOMCAT's
> Why not imagine that Apache will ask to Tomcat, may be to a
> tomcat tagged a master repository, to be send all the WEBAPPS
> infs ?

As I said in a previous mail, startup sequence is one big problem.

The other - I believe it's simpler. Apps must be deployed on apache as
well, or at least the static content ( and with my proposal

> >mod_jk will use the same logic as tomcat to find all subdirs,
> >and automatically add the contexts. ( using 'global' mappings )
> Why not, I'll be more than happy to remove and
> have it included in httpd.conf. Good things will be to map
> VirtualHost to remote Virtual on Tomcat.

Well... I already added code to allow use of httpd.conf instead of ( I use it for development, so I don't have to change 2
files ).

Virtual hosts are a problem I'm trying to resolve - the current mapper
doesn't seem to have that, not sure how it works on IIS/iPlanet.

Regarding my proposal, we can either use 3.3 non-flat webapps/
( i.e webapps/ ) or have a webapp dir per virtual host,
specified with either
 JkWebapps /webapps1

or inside a <Virtual> directive.

> >- no need to have tomcat running ( or running on
> >the server machine )
> For security reason, i'd like to avoid having webapp code
> (servlet/jsp) on the web-server. And if tomcat is not
> running (locally or remotly), did there is a need to
> do a collect of webapp ?

For servlets - you can remove them from apache if you want. For jsps -
they could be removed, but ( when I'll have time... ) I want to try
sending the static content of the jsp using apache. It may work or not -
but I think it's worth trying, and if it works the way I expect it should
have a good performance benefit.

> Could we discuss about a Tomcat 3.3 running as a webapp
> repositories manager ?

Or in general a config server ? I.e. a server ( tomcatX, apache, OpenLDAP,
database ) where all configs are stored and the workers
get it automatically ?

Yes, that would be nice - but I think it's more dream-level at this
moment, most people have problems with configuring the simple case.


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