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From <>
Subject RE: mod_jk inprocess worker and Apache 2.0 not working
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 21:48:10 GMT
Hi Julius,

Thanks for the patch - I've already added it to jk2. I did the rollback on
jk ( removing all jk_env, jk_registry, adding back ajp12 ), now
the 'main' tree should have the stable jk.

Sorry for the delay.

> > The main problem with JNI and apache is that we can't support sessions
> > corectly. Apache is a multi-process server ( even apache2.0 -
> > each process
> > has multiple threads, but it's still multiprocess ).
> Thanks for quick answer, but I don't think I can quite see
> contradiction here - I would appreciate very much if you can
> expand on the explanation.

Apache has several (unix) processes. A request can go to either of
them for processing.

With JNI, each apache process will have it's own VM and will process
requests. If a session is created, it'll be in one of the VMs,
and the servlet spec requires that all further requets within that
session go to the same VM.

This is not possible right now - a second request can be received
by another process/VM and jniworker can't forward it right now.

We have most of the code ( in lb_worker ), but we need to enable it.


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