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From <>
Subject Re: Detecting OS in jkant
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 18:28:03 GMT
On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Mike Anderson wrote:

> That might not work for my platform (NetWare) because I actually build the
> binaries on a windows box so the os.arch property wouldn't match.  On

Cool, cross-compilation...

I think JniConfig/ApacheConfig tasks are a good way to solve this.

They are empty now, but are supposed to be used exactly for that. If you
include <jniConfig> tag, the JniConfig task will be called and it can
guess/set whatever jni-specific options are needed.

ApacheConfig could execute apxs and extract the compilation flags ( and
compiler ! ) used to compile apache and set them for use in the so task.

> The other thing we could maybe do is set a property that contains the
> additional path to the platform specific directory
> (project.setProperty("jni_md_dir", "linux")) and use that property in

I think we should minimize the number of settings - 'target.os.arch' can
be used for more things, and the jni_md_dir can be guessed from it.

> build.xml file:
> <include name="${java.home}../include/${jni_md_dir}" />
> I'm not sure if that would work because of when the variables in the path are
> actually resolved, but maybe Costin (or another Ant guru) would be able
> to shed some light on this.

It may work - if you set the property in a separate task. AFAIK the
variable substitution is now delayed until before executing the task ( in
the 'old' ant it was substituted at parse time, like an XML entity ).


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