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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Jk2: jkctl handler
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 16:16:57 GMT
>This tries to solve the 'egg and chicken' config problem, and to
>fix/enable some other things.
>I want to add a second handler in mod_jk, similar with the 'status' for
>apache, mod_jserv, etc. ( same security issues - i.e. users will need
>access control, to use it, etc ).

good thing

>The most important feature ( for now ) will be the handling of 'ping',
>where mod_jk will connect to any worker it knows about and send a ping

could you explain us more about ping ?

>Whenever tomcat starts, the ajp connector ( if configured to ) 
>will access
>this control uri - Apache will then reconnect to it and update 
>it's info.

he he good idea, tomcat call Apache, i like it :)

>( apache does try to connect to workers when it starts, but it 
>is possible
>that tomcat was down ). It will also update it's up/down state for
>workers that were marked as down as result of connection failure.
>This will also alow user to add/remove application in a 'lb' 
>in a nice and clean manner.
>The handler will report the status of it's workers as result ( 
>in simple
>XHTML format, nothing fancy ).
>Opinions ? Votes ( I'm looking for +1s == I will help :-)

Seems good, what's the help you need there ?

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