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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: JK2: Configuration(1)
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 11:26:26 GMT
>Please reply - this is an important change !


>I would like to add another configuration mechanism for jk2.
>If people agree, this should be the default.
>- All webapplication that will be served must be
>deployed on the machine running the web server (
>otherwise the server can't find the static files )

Caution, caution with security. 

On many sites, the web-server is located on a DMZ so subject
to be hacked, while the Tomcats are behind firewall. Having
webapp (program) could raise many problems.

INTERNET ---> FW ---> APACHE HTTP -> FW (only ajp13) -> TOMCAT's

Why not imagine that Apache will ask to Tomcat, may be to a 
tomcat tagged a master repository, to be send all the WEBAPPS
infs ?

>- It is possible you run a load-balanced server and
>you may ( or not ) have tomcats on the server machine.

Sure a common case, refer to security upper :
>- Minimal user configuration for 'simple' case.
>Advanced users will still have full power to override.
>Via ( or httpd.conf ) we'llspecify the path 
>to webapps/
>directory ( one or many ) and the 'style' ( flat or vhost ).
>mod_jk will use the same logic as tomcat to find all subdirs,
>and automatically add the contexts. ( using 'global' mappings )

Why not, I'll be more than happy to remove and
have it included in httpd.conf. Good things will be to map 
VirtualHost to remote Virtual on Tomcat.

>In addition, for each webapplication jk will check
>   [appbase]/WEB-INF/
>If the file exists, it'll contain per/webapp mappings
>( without the context prefix ) == an easy to parse
>form of what's in web.xml.

Interesting idea.

>In addition,
>   [appbase]/WEB-INF/jk.workers
>will include the list with all tomcat instances where the
>webapp is running. If none is found, the default worker
>will be used.
>1. if WEB-INF/jk.workers contains a single worker, we'll
>have the current effect of JkMount
>2. If it has multiple workers, it'll be load balanced,
>as if a lb worker would have been defined and the app
>would be mapped to that worker.
>- Simple things are simple. After the initial configuration
>of apache ( consisting of a LoadModule and pointing to
>the path to tomcat -- which can be fixed for RPMs or
>installed case ), the user will not have to do anything
>else but soft-restart the web server.
>- Keep application config separated.
>- The use can still override whatever he wants ( using
>explicit configs ) or place apps in different directories.
>- no need to have tomcat running ( or running on
>the server machine )

For security reason, i'd like to avoid having webapp code
(servlet/jsp) on the web-server. And if tomcat is not 
running (locally or remotly), did there is a need to 
do a collect of webapp ?

Could we discuss about a Tomcat 3.3 running as a webapp
repositories manager ?

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