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From Takashi Okamoto <>
Subject [PATCH] about kjc
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2001 13:38:36 GMT
Hi, tomcat users and developrs!

/* I have post this patch twice. This is third time. */

Do you know kjc which is one of the completely opensource Java
compiler? If not, you can see detail at

Accoding to Edouard G. Parmelan's report
SUN'S JAVA COMPILER since version 1.5 about JLS compatibility. It was
a grate news for Java open source community;)

I and teik-san (san means Mr. in Japanese) wrote two kjc plugin for
tomcat. One is for 3.3.x, and the other is for 4.0.x. If you take kjc
plugin, it's good advertisement and help for kjc. Do you respect
opensource? If so, could you take them? 

BTW, kjc is distributed under GPL. But you can take these patch in
legal. Because you don't need to include kjc in tomcat. When you want to
use kjc, only then you have to include it. In the fact, I wrote kjc
plugin for Ant and it's really in it. So, you can also use kjc with
Ant fine:)

usage for tomcat 4.0.x:
download kjc.jar from and include it in

add specify jspCompilerPlugin at web.xml. For examples.


Cheers for opensource!!
Takashi Okamoto    Debian Project:    Ja-Jakarta Project:
                   GnuPG: 8B37 1FE6 76B2 7BA6 D59A  9BF7 E7F4 46C8 5293 6E17

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