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From Kevin Seguin <>
Subject [j-t-c] ajp and headaches
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2001 20:07:10 GMT
after many months of being away, i've recently gotten back into the fray of
jakarta-tomcat-connectors.  my goal is as it was many months ago - an ajp
(v1.3) connector for tomcat 4.  

after discovering that things are not working entirely correctly on the HEAD
of cvs, i started digging into the code in both places.  

maybe it's just me, but i found trying to follow the java code particularly
painful.  i realize there is some development and refactoring going on with
ajp14 and all, but man!, it ain't pretty in there :)

so, partly out of sheer necessity, and partly because i think it would be
useful, i'm considering doing a major rewrite - no, let's call it
refactoring :) - of the java code in j-t-c/jk.  the goal would be
correctness, clean up and simplification.  i would start with ajp13, but
keep in mind there is ajp14, ajp15, etc., to come.  i think i would do this
on a branch, too, call it ajp_refactoring, or something like that.

what are the thoughts on this?


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