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From yuexiang <>
Subject Re: tomcat 4.0.1 and persistent connection problem
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 01:45:09 GMT

If I will contribute patches to fix this problem, which module I should 
check out?


Remy Maucherat wrote:

>>Dear Sir
>>I already did some research about this problem. But still be confused.
>>I want to take advantage of the persistent connection of Http/1.1.
>>In my experiement, if HTTP/1.1 client connects to the tomcat 4.0.1
>>directly, the persistent connection can be established.
>>However, it is usless because actually all companies employ http proxies.
>>Furthermore, a lot of them such as the squid is a http/1.0 proxy.
>>in my application, the client (http/1.1) -----> squid proxy(http/1.0)
>>----> tomcat 4.0.1.(Http/1.1)
>>I found that tomcat 4.0.1 always sends a FIN package after it sends the
>>response even
>>i send the Connection: Keep-Alive in the request header. Also, I know
>>the tomcat
>>does also received "Connection: Keep-Alive" header via proxy.
>>I did a comparison between tomcat4.0.1 and apache 1.3.9, the results
>>show that
>>if If I add "Connection: Keep-Alive" header in the request, apache
>>server will
>>keep the connection alive even the proxy/client sends a HTTP/1.0 package.
>>However, It seems that tomcat 4.0.1 doesn't support this feature. I
>>think this feature isn't defined
>>in specification, however, it is so important that it provide the only
>>way(am i right?)
>> to establish persistent connection in real world which is consisted of
>>unexpected HTTP/1.0 proxies.
>>I don't know whether my understanding is correct or not. Any comments
>>are welcome.
>That's correct. Tomcat 4 doesn't support legacy HTTP/1.0 keepalive. As
>usual, if you want to have it fixed you can contribute patches.
>Keepalives over HTTP/1.0 are not that useful in a JSP / servlets
>environment, as in many many cases, the content-length of the response is
>not set. Overall, I think it's time for HTTP/1.0 to go away (1.1 has been
>around for some time now).
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