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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-4.0 RELEASE-NOTES-4.1-dev.txt
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2001 01:20:30 GMT
glenn       01/12/25 17:20:30

  Added:       .        RELEASE-NOTES-4.1-dev.txt
  About time for RELEASE-NOTES for 4.1-dev
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-tomcat-4.0/RELEASE-NOTES-4.1-dev.txt
  Index: RELEASE-NOTES-4.1-dev.txt
                       Apache Tomcat Version 4.1-dev
                              Release Notes
  $Id: RELEASE-NOTES-4.1-dev.txt,v 1.1 2001/12/26 01:20:30 glenn Exp $
  This document describes the changes that have been made in the current
  development version of Apache Tomcat, relative to the Tomcat 4.0 release.
  The release notes for all prior releases of Tomcat 4.0 are also included, for
  your reference.
  Bug reports should be entered at the bug reporting system for
  Jakarta projects at:

  Please report bugs and feature requests under product name "Tomcat 4".
  General New Features:
  Catalina New Features:
  Jasper New Features:
  Webapps New Features:
  Generic Bug Fixes:
  Catalina Bug Fixes:
  Jasper Bug Fixes:
  Webapps Bug Fixes:
  Security Bug Fixes:
  When starting Tomcat the environment variable CATALINA_TMPDIR
  is used to define the system property  By
  default is set to CATALINA_BASE/temp.  This
  isolates Tomcat's use of a temporary directory from other
  applicatons on the same computer system.
  Tomcat 4.0 and Apache:
  The binary distribution for Tomcat 4.0 includes the most recent stable version
  of the WARP connector, which is the Tomcat component that talks to mod_webapp
  inside Apache 1.3.  The current state of this support is summarized as follows:
  * The mod_webapp connector is configured based on the contents of the
    web.xml file for your web application.  See the documentation included
    with the connector for configuration requirements.
  * The version of the connector to be published with Tomcat 4.0 final has
    the following known issues:
    These problems will be addressed in a future release of the connector.
  Tomcat 4.0 and JNI Based Applications:
  Applications that require native libraries must ensure that the libraries have
  been loaded prior to use.  Typically, this is done with a call like:
    static {
  in some class.  However, the application must also ensure that the library is
  not loaded more than once.  If the above code were placed in a class inside
  the web application (i.e. under /WEB-INF/classes or /WEB-INF/lib), and the
  application were reloaded, the loadLibrary() call would be attempted a second
  To avoid this problem, place classes that load native libraries outside of the
  web application, and ensure that the loadLibrary() call is executed only once
  during the lifetime of a particular JVM.
  Tomcat 4.0 Standard APIs Available:
  A standard installation of Tomcat 4 makes all of the following APIs available
  for use by web applications (by placing them in "common/lib" or "lib"):
  * activation.jar (Java Activation Framework)
  * crimson.jar (Unsealed version of JAXP/1.1 parser)
  * jaxp.jar (Unsealed version of JAXP/1.1 API classes)
  * jdbc2_0-stdext.jar (JDBC 2.0 Optional Package, javax.sql.*)
  * jndi.jar (JNDI 1.2 base API classes)
  * jta-spec1_0_1 (Java Transacation APIs)
  * ldap.jar (JNDI LDAP provider required by JNDIRealm)
  * mail.jar (JavaMail 1.2)
  * servlet.jar (Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 APIs)
  * tyrex- (Tyrex XA-compatible data source from
  You can make additional APIs available to all of your web applications by
  putting unpacked classes into a "classes" directory (not created by default),
  or by placing them in JAR files in the "lib" directory.
  Tomcat 4.0 and XML Parsers:
  As described above, Tomcat 4.0 makes an XML parser (and many other standard
  APIs) available to web applications.  This parser is also used internally
  to parse web.xml files and the server.xml configuration file.  If you wish,
  you may replace the "jaxp.jar" and "crimson.jar" files in "common/lib" with
  another XML parser, as long as it is compatible with the JAXP/1.1 APIs.
  WARNING:  Tomcat 4.0 ships with a modified version of the JAXP/1.1
  "jaxp.jar" and "crimson.jar" files from JAXP/1.1 final release.
  The "sealed" attribute has been removed from the manifest file for these
  two JARs, to avoid "package sealing violation" errors that were caused by
  them in a JDK 1.3 environment.  You MUST NOT replace these files with a
  different (or later) release of JAXP, unless that later release has had
  the sealed attribute removed, or you will encounter "package sealing violation"
  errors when trying to use a different XML parser in a web application.

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