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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [PATCH] [3.3] etomcat target
Date Tue, 25 Dec 2001 14:10:09 GMT

On the 17th, Costin added an 'etomcat' target:

> Added a target to build 'embeded' style tomcat, i.e. a single jar containing
> everything ( no more lib/container, etc ). It is self-runnable and should start
> tomcat with the defaults settings ( no server.xml, etc ) using the current dir
> as base.  Just add webapps and shake.

> This is nice for people who just need a simple jar with no strings attached (
> configs, dir structure, etc ).

It looked pretty broken when I tried it. The attached patch gets it
compiled, I can now successfully start it by typing 'java
-Dtomcat.home=... -jar webserver.jar'.

The changes are:
 - Declare dep on target that creates build/classes
 - Change nonexistent ${servlet.jar} to ${servlet22.jar}
 - Exclude all *SSL*, *JSSE*, *TLS* java files unless jsse.present. The
   the previous approach of explicitly naming each class was not robust
   enough. I found fully 9 other classes that weren't being excluded.
 - Add the missing manifest.webserver, which I *guessed* should invoke
   EmbededTomcat with the classpath crimson.jar and servlet22.jar
 - Minor javadoc fixes in

Incidentally, any tips on classloaders and EmbededTomcat? Everything
starts fine, but my servlet can't see any classes in WEB-INF/lib
*unless* I explicitly use the context classloader. Oh well, that's for
another mail.



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