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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject AJP Todo
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2001 00:40:11 GMT

On the TODO list for AJP, there is:
- Implementing jvmroute.
- Adding a mechanism like there is in Tomcat 3.3 to automatically generate a
configuration file. That should be relatively easy to do using a server
listener (or a host listener).

I'm not going to do either of these. I have no clue how to do the first one,
and no time to do the second one.
So I'm counting on all the guys who voted +1 for supporting AJP 1.3+ on
Tomcat 4. I did bootstrap the porting of the docs already, and I've also
fixed the problems with compiling against the CVS HEAD, so I think I've done
my part :) If you want to see full support for AJP in TC 4.0.2, it's up to
you guys :)

If people are willing to actively support it, and if the risk for creating a
security vulnerability is low, we could also enable the AJP 1.3 connector
and the server listener by default (and declare it officially supported), so
that 4.0.2 behaves almost like 3.3 for AJP 1.3 related stuff.


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