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From Eric Rescorla <>
Subject Re: Tomcat to support other keystore types?
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 05:19:49 GMT
"Bill Barker" <> writes:
> I've checked in the modifications to PoolTcpConnector to allow plugging in
> another SSL provider.  Now he just has to create a class extending
> that works with his SSL implementation,
> and then put it's class as the value to the socketFactory attribute in
> Http10Interceptor.

Hi. "He" is me, the author of PureTLS.

I've taken a look at what you've done and I can definitely work
with it. However, I think that we need one more piece:

Currently CertCompat has JSSE hardwired in. If we substitute PureTLS
then we'll need to add an adapter for PureTLS.  (the adapter is just a
stub since PureTLS has no problem giving you the encoded certificates.)

Obviously, I'm more than happy to write this adapter but you
probably have some opinions about how to arrange that the right
one gets dynamically loaded. If you prefer, I can submit/suggest
changes for this as well.


[Eric Rescorla                         ]

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