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From <>
Subject Ajp14 and Ajp13
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 23:19:38 GMT

Right now we treat Ajp13 and 14 as 2 separate workers ( even if most of
the code is shared). The problem is that this adds complexity that we
could avoid.

Given that Ajp14 is not 'official' yet, I would propose to change it to
"Ajp14 == Ajp13 + extra functions".

We should use exactly the same header and encapsulation as in Ajp13 -
since this is very well tested. The main difference is in the startup
phase, where Ajp14 will login and auto-configure.

That can be easily configured and we can have the new Ajp14 clients
talking with older Ajp13 servers ( so most fixes will go in the same
codebase, without needing to fix both the new 1.4 worker and the old one).

If the ajp14 worker will be configured with a login password - then it'll
do the extra login and configuration steps. If not - it'll be just our old
ajp13 client, capable to speak with tomcat3.2 ... tomcat4.0.

On tomcat side, if the connector will be configured to require a login
it'll behave as a ajp14 server, and do the autoconfiguration ( and refuse
connections from unauthenticated ajp13 clients ).

This can be extended in future as more callbacks are added. Instead of
having ajp15, 16... we'll keep Ajp13 as the base and configure the
calls and callbacks to use.

The main reason for this is simplifying the code - which is very
important to do before any extension. This would also allow a smooth
transition - all new features will be included in mod_jk and the new java
connector, but the user will be able to use only what he needs and
support multiple server versions.

What do you think ?


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