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From <>
Subject Re: To SSL or not SSL, that is the question
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 17:36:07 GMT
On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Bill Barker wrote:

> Having lost the vote on the URL commit, I'm making up for it by adding the
> URLStreamHandlerFactory to 3.3.  This implementation should make both Costin

It seems that even if we do discuss more, we still have communication
problems :-)

The URL commit was great, it solved a problem - and many thanks for Craig
( or Remy ) for implementing it and to you for doing the fix in 3.3. I was
going to do it, but ( as usually lately :-) you did it faster.

My point was that URL solves only one problem - and we have 2 problems
with and https.

URL solves the problem of Apache+SSL and tomcat with no JSSE. It solves
other problems as well.

The factory is needed for people who _want_ to use JSSE or another
replacement, and with normal j.n.URL( "https"). That includes xml-soap,
jaxm, etc. The 'replacement' URL can't help in this case.

> I've been on the losing side of every vote on this project, so I'm going to
> take the novel approach of voting-first-then-committing :).  My personal
> preference is to set the Factory at the end of ETC.init (since
> Http10Interceptor currently changes the installed handler.pks).  I expect
> that I'm going to lose on this vote as well, since this is relatively late
> to set it :)


I was thinking about changing Http10Interceptor to not set the handlers (
since URLFactory makes it unnecesarry, and Http10Interceptor doesn't need
it anyway ).

But to brake the bad karma I'll vote +1 on your proposal ( especially
since I was also thinking to set it very late ) :-)


( BTW, IMHO the only way you can 'lose' is if after a vote you still
think your solution was better than what was used - and if this is the
case we all lose )

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