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From "Markus Letschka" <>
Subject WarpResponse BugFix?!
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 17:33:26 GMT

while porting an app from ajp13 to warp-conn we faced the problem that
response.flushBuffer()s didn't flush. i found out that this is because of
the communication via WarpPackets, which are of 64k size by default.

this is a nasty problem because the app needs to push some initial data to
the client browser immediately ("please wait...") before doing some very
slow db & xml stuff...

i fixed it by implementing method flushBuffer() in class WarpResponse:

public void flushBuffer() throws IOException {

i think this should send a (usually smaller than 64k) WarpPacket immediately
after calling response.flushBuffer() in the servlet code and therefore solve
the problem. it seems to work perfectly, but i'm not sure that there are no

hope my mail is helpful...
if anyone can afford some time please give me a short reply if my bugfix is
a really bugfix or just a dangerous workaround :-)

thanks very much & bye!


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