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From "Filip Hanik" <>
Subject RE: And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening andgood bye...
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 18:25:59 GMT


Namaste - I bow to the divine in you
Filip Hanik
Software Architect

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>From: Pier Fumagalli []
>Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 4:23 PM
>To: Pier Fumagalli
>Subject: And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening
>andgood bye...
>One year, three months and five days. It definitely didn't last
>long, or not
>as long as I would have expected, or as long as I would have liked
>it. What?
>Oh, I believe you noticed it already: effective today I'm no longer a Sun
>Microsystems employee...
>Well folks, it has been a long and wild ride (quoting a friend of mine who
>was in more or less the same position as I am right now some months ago),
>but as all rides, you pay your toll, you get some fun, and then,
>the ride is
>over... I believe you all heard about that Sun Microsystems was having its
>first roll of layoffs ever, and from what I was told, my situation (working
>in London, employed in Dublin, and with my team in Santa Clara) was in a
>very dangerous position. And when managers had to come off with a name for
>my team, well, my name was an easy pick :)
>No hard feelings though. I still think that Sun is a great place
>to work at,
>most of my heroes are all still there (sigh!) from James Gosling to Joshua
>Bloch (some others have gone) and a bunch of friends are still working
>there. It's a good company, overall, maybe sometimes it takes them
>some time
>to understand how open source works (not that I know much about it), but
>most of the times, at the end, they get it right... And I mean, who never
>made a mistake or two in their lives?
>I just think that the projects I was dealing with (native and web-server
>integration with Tomcat) were not enough to justify my "displaced"
>(it's somehow weird when you have to attend to a phone meeting at 11 PM! :)
>but I was prepared, I smelled it from quite some time, and I got my
>confirmation today.
>What does it mean for me? Well, somehow, it means a lot. It means that all
>you folks who were waiting for my return in California will have
>to wait for
>quite some time now, more than the planned six months, I don't have the
>strength at the moment to chase another visa, to start it all over again.
>I'll settle down here in London (it's a nice town when it doesn't rain), I
>have a good number of friends, clubs are nice, and my cats are getting used
>to the upcoming cold winter. But no more of sunny California for quite a
>long time, no more rides on my brand new Suzuki GSX-1300R on Highway 1, no
>more skiing in Tahoe, no more cheap ADSL and large bandwidth access. Oh,
>well, I'll survive.
>What does that mean in terms of my involvement with the Apache Software
>Foundation, the Jakarta Project, Tomcat, and so on? Nothing. Nothing
>changes, I've been around here for a reasonable amount of years now, and I
>am planning to stick around for a lot more to come. The only thing changing
>is that I got back my independence, I got back my status of "open source
>developer" for real, and if someone asks me that one of the projects I'm
>working on doesn't run on my "favorite" platform (Windows), I can just say,
>go ahead, fix it yourself, I don't care.
>How I see it? I traded my independence as an open source developer with my
>dream of living in a place I love, I traded my salary for a lump of more
>freedom. The only thing I somehow regret, is that this time I didn't have
>the power of choice, but I accept it, and frankly, I'm not sad about what
>So, from now on, Pier is me. It means that what I think, what I say or what
>I do is because of some strange plot at Sun. My wickedness is only
>mine, and
>it's going to be like that for quite some time (get ready :)...
>And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good bye...
>    Pier (and his two independent cats: Sharon and Becky)
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